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Astrologer Sudharsan Iyer.

I am Basically a well versed Vedic Pandit and an Astrologer. I have learned Bhrigu nandi nadi Astrology from my guru K.B.Gopalakrishnan properly and with his guidance I am now seeing clients and I also have a facility for doing remedial measures with that I also teach mantras and slokas for everyone

I myself was trained like that by my guruji Shri K.B.Gopalakrishnan who taught me astrology in a speed similar to bullet train rather than making me learn for 10 - 15 years like other astrologers.

Under his teachings and guidance I got the great opportunity of seeing others' lives more easily and in broad spectrum with their horoscope and establishing myself at this small age into the field which is more worth than a doctor’s profession which is guiding a person's life.

Hereby I am seeing the horoscope of others in the perspective of whatever the problem is we can clear it easily with remedies. I will never forget that I am a never ending student of my guruji shri K.B.Gopalakrishnan.

I am an Astrologer eager to read about your horoscope and translate your meaningful future and offer you an abundance of possibilities to make your life more successful.

If you ask me an unknown question I will always say "I do not know the answer to that question, I will ask my guruji and get back to you", In addition, I never offer advice that overwhelms or needlessly restricts you. My goal is not to seek praise but to focus on facilitating your personal growth.

Here is What I Know :

  1. Veda Chanting
  2. Prohitam and Aagamam
  3. Apara Kriya
  4. Astrology
    • Marriage matching
    • Horoscope Consultations