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Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Please read these refund and cancellationlaws ("refund and cancellation","refund") carefully before using Sudharsan Iyer's astrologersudharsaniyer.com service ("website", "service").

Our Policy.

At astrologersudharsaniyer.com, my goal is to provide the finest possible service to our clients. This labour is for God, not for money, for me. So, if a client or customer feels or attempts to pervert this idea, I may have trouble servicing them. In that instance, I reimburse the whole sum that the client has paid me for the service.

I constantly strive to give the client 100 percent or greater effect. As a result, I verify the muhurtha (time) and adjust the practises accordingly. I'll also explain it to the customer. Even after numerous explanations, if the consumers insist on doing the ritual at the incorrect muhurtha, I will issue a refund.

If the customer is unhappy, I expect an explanation from the customer. The displeasure will not be taken into account if the explanation lacks moral foundation and proof. The individual is also unable to initiate a refund.

Clients' objections and unhappiness must be notified within two days of the end of the ritual or horoscope prediction and delivery of the videos in order to receive a refund.

If the customer cancels the homam and pooja or horoscope consultation before 6 hours before the service's execution, rituals or consultations reserve the right to modify the date, time, and priests of the service's execution.


If you have any complaints or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact me (Sudharsan Iyer) at +91 8610000318.