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All my astrological consultation charges are very cheap and economical and you can always have consultation with me within 6 - 12 hours. I will always send you a summary video of questions asked and answers said in your whatsap. You can ask any leftover questions for free within a week of your consultation.



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For 1 Time

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How The Book your Consultation?


choose the product you want from the pricing and click the payment link below. all my prices are very economical. If you want to call me before consultation Click here.


You can me through the mode you feel comfortable and I accept all kinds of Payment. All my payments are done through safe portal of Razorpay.


After Paying you have to send me the screenshot to my Whatsapp number, Click here to open my Whatsapp chat here.


After the confirmaion within 6 - 8 hours we can have consultation through video call or voice call. I will also send you a video summary of your questions and answers given, after the consultation.

About me
Sudharsan Iyer

I am Basically a well versed Vedic Pandit and an Astrologer. I have learned Bhrigu nandi nadi Astrology from my guru K.B.Gopalakrishnan properly and with his guidance I am now seeing clients and I also have a facility for doing remedial measures with that I also teach mantras and slokas for everyone.read more...

Check out my Homams and Events

Also see my other Rituals.Click here !...


Ganapathy Homam

For Pricing Call

This is Homam is done for removal of any obstacles, to increase our Karya siddhi and to have good beginnings.


Navagraha Homam

For Pricing Call

This homam is done generally to clear all our bad afflictions of Navagraha in our Horoscope and to get their blessings.


Ayush Homam

For Pricing Call

This ritual is generally done for good health and to have long life without having major problems in our life.



₹ 6000

We do this ritual to have overall good time in our house and be guarded from the 8 directions of our house.



₹ 2500

We generally do this good event in a good muhurtha, so that the couple can have good time in and after their marriage.



For Pricing Call

We generally do this event in a good muhurtha, that the couple can have good time after their marriage and have ease in conception.

Learn Slokas and Mantras
From Sudharshan Iyer !

I also teach slokas and vedic mantras for all ages through online and offline. I have packages based for age groups and I also teach mantras like Pancha Suktha, all types of Suktha, Adithya hridhayam, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam. To Learn Slokas and mantras.

Kindly WhatsApp : + 91 86100 00318 or Call : + 91 86100 00318